Are You Human Too? OST (2018)

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01. Is This Love? 사랑인걸까? – VIXX

02. Love – LYn, Han Hae (한해)

03. The Longing Dance – Im Ji Eun (임지은)

04. Heart – 2BIC (투빅)

05. Tell Me 말해줘요 – Kim Na Young

06. For The First Time – Gilgubongu

07. Milagro Im Ji Eun (임지은)

08. In Your Eyes (Drama Ver.) –  Yong Zoo (용주), Yezi (예지) of Fiestar

09. Why Do We – DMEANOR (디미너)

10. You Are My Love Seo Kang Joon

What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim? OST (2018)

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01. Love Virus – Yoo Ki Hyun of Monsta X & Seol Ah (설아) of Cosmic Girls

02. It’s You – Jung Se Woon (정세운)

03. Wanna Be – GFRIEND

04. A Little More 조금만 더 – Jin Ho (진호) of Pentagon, Rothy (로시)

05. Because I Only See You 그대만 보여서 – Kim Na Young

06. Why Am I Like This 왜 이럴까 – Lee Da Yun (이다연)