Welcome to Korean Music Blog! I am an avid fan of kdrama and thoroughly enjoy the music soundtracks. The site will primarily focus on kdrama original soundtracks, but I will also post various kpop music. Please support the site by ‘liking’ Korean Music Blog on Facebook and/or follow me on Twitter. Thank you for visiting!

Alain W.

California, U.S.

14 thoughts on “About

  1. kyahh! just found out your blog today! just my luck, it would be more easier for me to search. all thanks to your blog!! 😀 will look forward to your another post! another avid fan of kdrama OST here.


  2. Hi Alain,

    I would like your help about a song I found in episode 2, the bike ride, and played also in episode 6 when they run in the rain to the phone box. I really love this song and would like to find it. I asked my Korean friend but she has no idea and I even posted my inquiry on fan pages but so far, no answer…


  3. Your blog is amazing. I recommend exploring the soundtrack of “When My Love Blooms” and “Dol Dol Sol Sol La La Sol”. They have beautiful songs that will perfectly enrich your collection.


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